Career Vs Education: 5 Important Things Every Employee Needs To Know

Career Vs Education: 5 Important Things Every Employee Needs To Know

When it comes to finding a job and growing a career in South Africa, it’s safe to say that most employees find it challenging to say the least. Apart from the regular public service strikes which involve the majority of the country, the high inflation rates which seem to increase far more frequent than what’s considered “normal”, and the number of times Universities or colleges have had to close their doors due to the threat of being burnt down, South African employees tend to struggle a tad bit more when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder compared to our neighbours.

As an employee residing in South Africa, there are a few valid, yet important things to keep in mind throughout your career lifetime.

1. You don’t have to spend a fortune on education

Luckily for us, online education has become more popular due to its affordability factor, which means you’re still able to attend a reputable online college and receive a certificate or diploma based on your chosen study path without having to break the bank. This poses many advantages for working class folks since disposable funds are quite low for the average household and study fees at a traditional institution can be quite unaffordable for most.

Not only does this open the doors for many employees who would like to further their education on a budget, it also gives you the opportunity to make a choice about whether you’d want to do so in the first place.

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2. You do, however, need to regularly improve your skills

That being said, you can’t afford to keep your job and expect to be promoted without showing your employer that you’re willing to put in the effort to improve your skills in the first place. Sadly, with an unemployment rate just shy of 28%, there are plenty of individuals who’d want your job if you don’t want it badly enough. Thus, in order to stay on top of your game and be in the position where you’re able to ask for a raise, you need to be willing to improve your skills on a regular basis.

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3. You always need to have a backup plan

Regardless of where you are in the world, your job is never guaranteed. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. You may be unable to do your current job well enough for them to be in a position to keep you employed. Perhaps the company faces bankruptcy – leaving you without a job the next day, which is why it’s extremely important to have a backup plan for “in case”.

Whether you choose to take out insurance or learn a different type of skill which involves a different part of your body, it’s absolutely crucial to have a skill where you’re able to do manual labour and another job title which involves using your mind.

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4. You have to start at the bottom to earn respect

Unfortunately, many individuals want to skip the ladder completely and end up at the top by using the elevator, expecting everyone else to respect their journey. Sadly, that won’t earn you the type of respect you probably deserve for the hard work you put in order to be in that position in the first place. Remember, you’re not going to appreciate having to answer to someone who doesn’t have your type of experience, so it shouldn’t be something you expect from anyone else.


5. You can’t expect to be treated well if you don’t initiate it

Although you should, it’s never guaranteed. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people have less time to spend on relationships and a far greater need to make more money in shorter amounts of time. This leads to the neglect of human relationships. In a business setting, you have to be able to stand up for yourself and teach people how you’d want to be treated, approaching the situation with respect for those you’re trying to “teach”.

Remember, most people treat you the way you allow them to – particularly in a setting where jobs are few and far in between and jobless individuals are in abundance.

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